The School of Whole Health Therapies

We provide instructors in various wholistic therapies to address every aspect of optimal health for the whole human being.


Courses offered are:

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       CranialReiki®Therapy is a combination of several modalities that magnifies your effectiveness as a therapist/medical professional.


Usui/Tibetan Reiki

    Reiki I and II – a combined two-day intensive

    ART (Advanced Reiki Training) – A one day, eight-hour class

    Reiki Master Class – a two-day intensive


Karuna Reiki®


     Practitioner Level 1 - an 8 hour intensive. Receive 4 symbols.
     Practitioner Level 2 - an 8 hour intensive. Receive 4 additional Karuna symbols.
     Master Level - 2 day intensive. Receive Karuna master symbol.


* All Reiki classes are taught in the standards and practices of the International Center for Reiki Training.


Cranial Based Therapies 

Rapid Restriction Release Therapy®  (RRRT)

     This class teaches different types of fascia restriction release. 


DeepPeace Therapy®  (DPT)

     This class teaches a combination of osteopathic based hands on therapies with some basic principals of quantum mechanics related to physical healing. 


Athro Therapy®  (AT)

      This class combines all of the techniques of RRRT and DPT plus how to apply the Athro Technique to a client during a session.


Essential Oils:

       This class includes the wild crafting and distilling of medicinal grade essential oils and their application.


Relaxation and Stress reduction

     This class combines life style, mental and physiological techniques to induce calm.


Harmony Foods®

       This class teaches how to intuitively read the body to create diets for optimal health.


The Athro Technique®

        This class teaches a manifesting modality that blends Aboriginal traditions with Quantum mechanics and the science of Cranial Osteopathy to experience a more abundant and fulfilling life.