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Testimonials of Athro Tearapy
Students and Clients discribe results


For those considering the upcoming workshops in Athro Therapy, here are some

testimonials from various students about results using 

Athro Therapy in their practice.



Sent in by a client of a Reiki Master: "I have had MS since a teenager, now I am in

my 40's. The right side of my body had limited motor control and nothing seemed to help.

After just our first session everyone commented that I was not dragging my leg anymore!

I am defiantly making 4 more appointments to continue your amazing therapy."



From a CrainoSacral Therapist: While CST has always been effective, I have found that

applying the Athro Technique to it my results have dramatically improved. My clients

report longer lasting results and the session take far less time."



From another CST Therapist:
Using the Technique for Healing
“I had the opportunity to learn the "Athro Technique" from James Gilmore. During my

Cranio Sacral Therapy practice I have used this very effective technique for my clients

to help them reach "profound neutral" where the client's system shifts from the

sympathetic nerve endings being engaged (which is fight/flight) to the parasympathetic

nerve endings being engaged (which is rest and repair.) When the parasympathetic

nerve endings are engaged then the healing process can begin. Having the empathy

to use our own thoughts to think about what a deep rested state feels like and help it

transmit to the client to be in a deep rested state is a very affective process. I have

shared this technique with other holistic health practitioners and have used it with a

multitude of clients with success. Thank you James.”



From an NLP therapist:

My client has suffered with back pain for decades. After the first session with me

when I incorporated Athro therapy with NLP, she experience full relief. She said "I haven't

felt this good in over twenty years!" 




From Clients:

"I have had advanced MS for several years. I couldn't do most of the things I enjoy

such as

riding my horse. I felt some relief after my first appointment. Encouraged, I set up 8

appointments over the next 3 weeks. The results were amazing. I can now work in my

garden, ride my horse an so much more. Thank you for giving me back my quality of life!"



"After trying many types of therapies from which I received only limited reduction of symptoms,

I feared I would have to spend the rest of my life in debilitating pain as the result of an auto

accident. Thank you for giving me my life back!"--MW


"I can't thank you enough! I feel so much better! My neck and sciatica are even better today

than yesterday after my appointment!"--TS



My husband has what Mayo Clinic diagnosed as "Unspecified Brain disease." Over the last

two years he went from perfectly normal to difficult speech, greatly reduced mobility and

unable to judge distance or direction. I hade to help him walk and other basic physical

functions. After four sessions with Athro Therapy he is able to speak fairly normally,

walk around on his own It's almost like I have my husband back! He is now doing his Ti Chee again."



"I have zero pain in my hip this morning, and about 75% relief in my ankle! My foot is resting

naturally in a position that's straighter--not so splayed to the right. Hip and knee are making

painless popping noises when walk. I'm a happy camper!" -- MS


"I feel much better. Still a little stiff in lower back & hips this morning but that’s all gone by

evening."-- JL


"I had immediate relief, but felt even better the next day!" --JB


"I came to the appointment on two crutches, left on one. The pain is significantly less!" -- SR


"I was waking up 20-30 times a night, getting very little sleep. Now I am waking up maybe

one time. My anxiety is all but gone!" --TW


"I am sleeping much better and my emotions aren't what they were. I feel so much better!

I hardly even notice my tremor." -- BH


"Shoulder is as good as new!" -- JC

"Shoulder is pain-free this morning. Range of motion went from about 30% to 80%. I am

very impressed!!" -- DG


"I am so blessed to have you in my life. You are helping me in more ways than you will

ever know. Thank you so much!" --Anonymous


"A friend gave me a gift of 4 sessions after she had experienced a major breakthrough

with her Fibromyalgia. I arrived for my first session with my friend assisting me as I used

my walker to enter the building. My MS had me so weak that I had to wear knee braces

and could hardly get up onto the treatment table. After my four appointments I did not need

the walker and had much more mobility. I continued the therapy for several more months.

At the end I could drive, hike and even dance in my kitchen. At my next appointment with

my Neurologist I was declared in 100% remission." -- MM


"Loved my session yesterday. Definitely felt good today...I think we stopped my cold from

getting worse."-- JP