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The School of Whole Health Therapies

We provide instruction in various wholistic therapies to address every aspect of the whole human being for optimal health.



Physio-Energy Therapy®

The school has created Physio-Energy Therapy® (PET) by effectively blending two or more healing modalities that are proven methodsBlending these therapies during a session provides for a multi-dimensional approach with the benefits of addressing the whole physical, mental and energetic aspects of health for our clients. This type of therapy usually involves two or more therapists working together on the client at the same time.

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New! Video Courses are now available. Courses offered are:

Myo-Neuro Release Therapy, Level 1 Click for introductory video.

MNRT is based on applying the findings of modern medical research into the age-old practice of tapping on various parts of the body to reduce pain. MNRT is a therapeutic protocol that gives effective relief for many kinds of physical dysfunctions and conditions associated with pain such as injuries, MS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, and a host of other conditions resulting in poor quality of life. An MNR Therapist utilizing this protocol, stimulates the release of restrictions in the fascia, muscular, and lymph systems, to mention a few. This kind of release allows the fluids and electrical properties of the tissues and organs to flow normally again, creating ease of motion and restoring healthy equilibrium in all body systems.


MNR Therapist Benefits

Adding MNRT as a stand-alone protocol or blending it into your already established practice, is a highly efficient, easy, fast, fun, and profitable way to increase the effectiveness of your healing arts practice. This course offers 14 hours of CU's for Licensed Massage Therapists in the United States. Course price is $210.00 USD.

There are classes offered for MNRT Level 2 and 3 as well.

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On site courses available:

Physio-Energy Therapy®

Physio-Energy Therapy® is a combination of several modalities that magnifies your effectiveness as a therapist/medical professional.


Usui/Tibetan Reiki

Reiki I

You will come away with an understanding of what Reiki is, and how to use it for self-healing and self-care. You will be knowledgeable on how to do Reiki for your family, friends and even your pets. You also will be prepared to move on to Reiki Level II with the confidence you will build with practice under guidance in this Level 1 class.

This class is an 8-hour intensive consisting of lecture, discussion, demonstration, and practice.


Reiki II

You will feel confident working with clients in your own practice when this class is completed.

Learn the Reiki II symbols that increase the power and value of the Reiki energy; go to deeper levels of issues; heal unwanted habits; send Reiki over distance; send with eyes and breath; remove negative energies from objects.

This class is an 8-hour intensive consisting of lecture, discussion, demonstration, and practice.

* Reiki I and II are often taught together in a 2-day intensive.


ART (Advanced Reiki Training/Master IIIA)

This class is for Reiki II trained practitioners that want to advance to the next level of training.

Additional techniques offer your clients a deeper level of healing that can assist in improving their physical and emotional conditions. More self-care techniques to affect your connection to the Reiki source.You will receive an attunement to the this level which includes the Usui master symbol for more powerful and meaningful Reiki energy.

Pre-requisite: To qualify for this class a student must have received their Reiki Level II training and certificate at least 6 months prior to this class.

This class is an 8-hour intensive consisting of lecture, discussion, demonstration, and practice.


Reiki Master Class

Upon completion of this advanced class, you will be equipped to share your knowledge of Reiki with others. You will be able to teach all levels from Reiki Level 1 through the Master Teacher level.

This is a 2-day course for 16 hours of training and practicing.

* All classes are taught in the standards and practices of the International Center for Reiki Training.


Karuna Reiki®

Karuna means "compassionate action" in Sanskrit.

This advanced system of Reiki is for the Master level trained practitioner.

Karuna Reiki® was developed by several Reiki masters in conjunction with William Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training. It has been in use since 1994. The energy itself has a distinct and unique feeling to it, as do the Karuna symbols. It operates from a higher vibration that, once attuned, the practitioner often times experiences the presence of helpers of the healing divine, such as angels, guides, and enlightened beings. A deep sense of groundedness accompanies the energy. The beauty of Karuna Reiki® is that it can be blended with Usui Reiki or can be used in sessions alone. Chanting and toning are part of this practice which enhance the vibration of the energy that is delivered to the client.

The Karuna Reiki® system includes: 

Practitioner Level 1 - an 8 hour intensive. Receive 4 symbols.

Practitioner Level 2 - an 8 hour intensive. Receive 4 additional Karuna symbols.

Master Level - 2 day intensive. Receive Karuna master symbol.
* These classes are for anyone who has had Reiki Master training or Advanced Reiki Training (ART) which is the equivalent to Master IIIA. Having worked with the Usui master symbol for 6 months is a pre-requisite.


Cranial Based Therapies 

Rapid Restriction Release Therapy®  (RRRT)

     This class teaches different types of fascia restriction release. 


DeepPeace Therapy®  (DPT)

     This class teaches a combination of osteopathic based hands on therapies with some basic principals of quantum mechanics related to physical healing. 


Athro Therapy®  (AT)

      This class combines all of the techniques of RRRT and DPT plus how to apply the Athro Technique to a client during a session.


Essential Oils:

       This class includes the wild crafting and distilling of medicinal grade essential oils and their application.


Relaxation and Stress reduction

     This class combines life style, mental and physiological techniques to induce calm.


Harmony Foods®

       This class teaches how to intuitively read the body to create diets for optimal health.


The Athro Technique®

        This class teaches a manifesting modality that blends Aboriginal traditions with Quantum mechanics and the science of Cranial Osteopathy to experience a more abundant and fulfilling life.