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CranialReiki ®Therapy
Increase the effectiveness of either modality


Restored Health, Pain Relief and Mobility restoration using CranialReiki® Therapy


CranialReiki ®Therapy is a new healing modality that blends Cranial based therapies with Reiki energy medicine.


CranialReiki ®Workshop

Are you a trained therapist in a healing modality? Our students range from Medical professionals to Massage Therapists. Would you like to add a powerful new tool that increases the effectiveness of any type of healing technique?

Then this class is for you!

By blending Osteopathic principles of light touch therapy on the head, neck, and shoulders you can stimulate and calm certain areas of the central nervous system/brain so that as Reiki is applied, the effectiveness of both are significantly magnified. Many of our students become a master healer after using techniques learned in the level two workshop. (A master healer is one that produces measurable healing effects in 80% of clients or better.)


This two-and-a-half-day workshop is designed to provide instruction for level one CranialReiki® Therapy (CRT). Prerequisite for attending this workshop is completion of any Reiki Level 1 workshop. Reiki Level 1 and the basics of Cranial therapy are reviewed during the class.


CRT has proven effective for: restricted movement - back and neck pain - Sciatica - MS - Fibromyalgia – headaches - TMJ- sports injuries - side effects of cancer treatments, and more.  This class provides 16 hours of CE’s for LMTs.


Student testimony: "I am always looking for new techniques and skills to add to my healing and energy balancing practice, and was wonderfully surprised at how fun, easy and EFFECTIVE the therapy is. The instructors were engaging and made the class entertaining and enjoyable as well as very educational."


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